10 July 2017 Suspect Traffic Monitoring Equipment Reported

Email received by SERCLE from Hands Off Danbury group

From: Hands Off Danbury [mailto:handsoffdanbury@gmail.com]
Sent: 10 July 2017 18:00

Today a van turned up in Runsell View and installed this device(SEE PHOTOS ATTACHED).Given that this is a cul de sac one wonders why?. Upon phoning Essex County Council they could not help and requested that we fill in a comment form. We tried but their system is not working. We have e mailed Essex County Council as follows:-

Dear Sir,

Further to our telephone conversation today and a subsequent failed attempt to request information through your online portal as suggested but which fails to work, please find attached 2 photos of the device installed in the road today

The company that installed it is acr (advanced transport research)

78 York Street
London, United Kingdom
TEL: 0844 858 0544
FAX: 0844 556 0850

Upon speaking with them they advised that this had been done at the request of a company called Countsequential but could provide no further detail.

Given that this is a cul-de-sac would you please advise why this has been installed and on behalf of whom?

Thank you

We have also received an e mail from a resident in Littlefields to say that it has also happened there today.(Also a Cul de Sac).

Although we do not know the reason for this we suspect it is to measure traffic flows to be used in evidence to support planning applications and presumably to try and convince the planning authorities that we do not have a traffic problem in Danbury!!

Has any one else seen other installations around the village?

Kind Regards


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