Local Plan Consultation Timetables

Local Plan Consultation Timetables

Braintree Consultation

Web Page: https://www.braintree.gov.uk/info/200230/local_development_framework_and_planning_policy/701/new_local_plan

Braintree are having TWO public consultations. This is important as our strategy needs to be different for each one.

1st Consultation

  • 27th June to 19th August 2016 – 8 week public consultation period on the draft Local Plan – note 1
  • September-November 2016 – Consideration of public consultation responses to the draft Local Plan and revisions to the Plan as appropriate
  • 28th November 2016 – Council consideration of the draft Local Plan

2nd Consultation – note 2

  • Winter 2016 – Public consultation of the draft Local Plan

Spring 2017 – Submission of Local Plan to Planning Inspectorate for consideration

Summer 2017 – (subject to Inspectorate timetable) Independent public examination held on the Local Plan by the Planning Inspector – note 3

Early 2018 – Adoption of the Local Plan by the Council


Uttlesford Consultation

Web Page: http://www.uttlesford.gov.uk/planningpolicy

Uttlesford are only having one consultation and is planned for the later Winter 2016. SERCLE will keep everyone updated to the exact dates.


  1. As many people as possible need to answer this. Your answers to the questionnaire are important as it shows there are many opposition voices. On the 12th of August SECLE will publish on the website some guidelines and possible answers. SERCLE’s strategy is to question BDC’s vision and principles for their local plan. If you plan to incorporate SERCLE answers, with your own please do not cut and paste, as BDC will count similar comments as one.
  2. This is the consultation where your answers will be submitted along with the draft plan to the Planning Inspector. SERCLE will be drafting more detailed arguments.
  3. If SERCLE are invited to present to the planning inspector, we will require some form of legal representation. This is the opportunity to make our collective voice heard and stop this new town.
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